Sunday, August 6, 2017

Echoes of Yesterday

They left one by one
they had brought no baggage
they left with none.

I look around with detachment
little notes, now crumpled balls
coffee rings,
soiled mugs
echoes of laughter
those hurried hugs.

No one had promised to stay forever
no one had a plan
Those who came calling in spring
didn't stay to see the fall

So they left
one by one
my fair- weather,
carnival friends

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mishmash of Love

walked us through
the mishmash
of unexpressed

you encountered the maze
yet, at times
I ran into
a thick wall.

Hopeless souls
we two-

We carried on!


Summer wine
swirled languidly
around her tongue.
He watched her eyes
turning into
stormy twilight

the dusk had left.
The peach smeared
across the sky
melded sensually
with silvery greys
His gaze but, lingered
over the hint of wine
sitting pretty
on her lips

Enchanted Dreams

The sun rays
sneak in
through the white lace curtains
and, kiss my
still sleepy eyes

I wake up
from a dream-
of you and me
and fields of
and tulips;
Of roads
flanked by
lush green stretches
of fields.

I open my eyes but,
to sterile white walls
the hum of air conditioner
and the monotony
of life

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

All this while

Your promises
 Neither broken,
Nor met;
Trapped in a moment.

My heart tells a story
To my soul each evening
Some memories re-live
By no will of mine
I am defeated by my own
Through the tests of time
I had been stalling
All this while
All this while!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Till Eternity

I often build castles in the air
 knowing well
 that you would add foundations under them

 You endorse my dreams as your own
 Fight my battles with every breath'
  My fears know for sure
 that you have built a cacoon around me
 and your promises will guard me
 till eternity

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


you and i
and a long summer
stretched between us
the bougainvillea
blooms in wild abandon
protesting the norm
that wants to tie it
...tie me!
you are my wide, calm sky
embracing my
but loving it